Ozone Generator Sterilized Car Air Purifier

Brand/Manufactured By: covid 19
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  • The principle of the product is: the ozone generator is powered by a built-in battery, and the ozone is exhausted by a fan, which diffuses into the entire sterilization space, has no dead ends, and will quickly decompose into oxygen by itself. Ozone can kill bacterial propagules.


    Disinfection and sterilization, decomposing formaldehyde, removing odors, purifying air, preventing mildew and deodorization, and keeping fresh for a long time.

    Ozone sterilization, energy saving and low consumption, easy deodorization, quiet operation, exquisite and compact, one-button operation, sterilization without consumables, ecological and environmental protection.

    360-degree comprehensive deodorization and sterilization, safe, efficient and easy to carry.

    Suitable for refrigerator disinfection and deodorization, food preservation, can also be used in closed environments such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, cupboards, socks bags, underwear boxes, etc., and can also be used for disinfecting the interior of cars.


    • Material: ABS

    • Color: White

    • Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 1500mAh (included)

    • Rated input: DC 5V

    • Rated power: 3W

    • Amount of ozone: 60mg ozone for one hour

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