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We at Raja Group, take the accessibility and affordability of safety to oil & gas, and construction industry professionals very seriously. This responsibility has inspired the creation of The portal brings together the most trusted and reputed brands in personal and material safety wear, devices, and equipment, in the Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection (HSE) industry, and provides service in Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, GCC, and MENA region.

The portal offers products from top safety brands such as ‘3M’, ‘Uvex’, ‘DBI SALA’, ‘Bicap’, ‘Bullard’, ‘Edelhoff’’, ‘Dapro’, ‘Prowest’, ‘Scott Safety’, ‘Ansell’, ‘Timberland Pro’, and other reputed safety brands. The portal’s product suite includes a diverse collection of Safety Shoes, Safety Helmets, Fall Protection, Hearing Protection, Safety Gloves, Safety Goggles, and Coveralls. Other high-quality safety products include an extensive variety of Road Safety equipment, Face Protection, Safety of Life At Sea, Environment Protection, Weather Meters & Windsocks, and Emergency & First Aid kits. Also available are Gas Detectors, Reflective Jackets, and Hydration & Electrolyte Replacement, which are mandated by different industries. features easy navigation and a user-friendly interface and includes flexible payment modes like COD, debit/credit card, fast delivery, and bulk buying advantages coupled with special discounts and offers, making shopping online at easy.

Also, exceeds the intent of being a one-stop shop for industrial, commercial, and household safety requirements, and provides total, easy, and quick, solutions to day-to-day, and extended safety and security situations.

Safety Products Online- ibuysafety

Welcome to ibuysafety, your one-stop destination for all safety products online in Kuwait. Are you looking for the best safety products online in Kuwait? We provide you with original and best-quality at an affordable price. Whether you are a household or a commercial business, we have for men and women. We also have , , , and more.

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  • Head Protection- is important in the mining and construction industries, but it is essential in every workplace. By wearing safety helmets, you can protect your staff from harm caused by falling objects. Workers should be able to bend over without their helmets slipping off since they should fit them precisely. Although head protection equipment doesn't have a shelf life, it should nonetheless be replaced every two years for increased security.

  • Eye Protection- eye protection

    Ear Protection- is crucial in industries where noise is produced. Long-term exposure to noise can be dangerous for the workers' mental health in addition to their ears. You may choose from a variety of disposable silicone ear plugs, ear muffs, and other items at ibuysafety online in Kuwait.

  • Face Protection- Face Protection online

    Protective Clothing and Foot Protection- protective clothingsafety shoes

  • Fall Protection- Fall protection kits

    Hand Protection- is very essential because safety gloves are practically required on every job site and are available in a variety of materials and styles. Neoprene gloves are a standard in medical and laboratory environments, whereas vinyl gloves are common in the food sector. Welding gloves, electrically resistant gloves, oil-resistant gloves, anti-vibration gloves, chemically resistant gloves, puncture-resistant gloves, and more are examples of other safety gloves. 

  • Respiratory Protection- Respiratory ProtectionGas detectors

    Road Safety- Road Safety equipment

    Shower and Eye Face Wash- Eye face wash and Shower

    Industrial Mobiles- industrial mobile phones

    Hydration and Electrolyte- hydration and