mPower Multi Gas Detector with Pump

Brand/Manufactured By: mPower
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  • Instrument Specifications

    DetectorElectrochemical for Toxic gases and Oxygen
    Pellistor: Combustible
    PID: Volatile organic compounds
    NDIR: LEL, VOL% and carbon dioxide
    BatteryRechargeable Lithium-ion
    Operating PeriodsDiffusion: Up to 16 hours
    Pump: 12 hours
    Graphic Display128 x 128 graphical LCD, 1.77 x 1.73″
    LED backlight for enhanced display
    Automatic screen “flip” feature
    KeypadTwo-button operation
    Direct ReadoutReal-time reading of gas concentrations
    PID measurement of gas and correction factor
    Battery status
    Visual compliance indicator
    Datalogging on/off
    STEL, TWA, peak and minimum values
    Man-Down alarm on/off
    AlarmAudible: 90 dB @ 30 cm
    Visual: Flashing bright red LEDs
    On-screen indication of alarm conditions
    Man-Down alarm
    EMI/RFIEMC directive: 2004/108/EC
    IP RatingPump: IP-54
    Diffusion: IP-67
    Data LoggingContinuous datalogging, 6 months for 4 sensors at 1 minute intervals, 24 hours/day and 7 days/week
    Communication & ChargingCharging, data download, instrument setup and firmware upgrades on PC or laptop via PC Comm, cradle, travel charger or CaliCase
    SamplingBuilt in pump or diffusion
    CalibrationManual calibration, CaliCase option allows automatic bump test and calibration on up to 4 units simultaneously
    Temperature-4° to 122°F
    Humidity0-95% rH, non-condensing
    Size5.74″ x 3.31″ x 1.65″
    Weight15.5 ounces
    ApprovalsClass I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D

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