Interspiro 90U 45min Industrial SCBA

Brand/Manufactured By: INTERSPIRO
KD 450.000
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  • The Spiromatic 90U is a robust breathing apparatus for firefighting, excellent also for industrial and maritime environments. The configurations are CE approved according to European product standards and approved according to the Marine Equipment Directive (“ship wheel mark”).

    Spiromatic 90U is built upon the proven and reliable S-facemask and breathing valve and the plug-in regulator system, delivering Interspiro performance at a competitive price. The harness is equipped with padded shoulder straps and easy-to-adjust waist belt buckle.

    The apparatus has a pressure gauge, warning whistle and optional extra air connection. The plug-in type regulator is durable and has proven functionality with high flow capacity maintaining the safety pressure also at an extreme rate of breathing and low cylinder pressures. The plug-in type design makes service and repairs easy to perform with short down time.

    • Open back plate for good ventilation and low weight
    • Easy to handle and adjustable cylinder strap
    • Small and light warning whistle placed on chest
    • Carrying handle integrated in backplate
    • Well-proven and robust pneumatics
    • Mask and breathing valve in a compact design
    •  Air flow : 1350 l/min
       Approval : PPE 2016/425
       Connection : Cylinder - EN 144
       Material : Heat resistent polymer backplate
       Material (2) : Kevlar webbing
       Standard : EN137 Type 2
       Warning : Pneumatic whistle
       Weight : ~3.0 kg (excl. mask & breathing valve)
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