Bullard 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Full Brim Helmet

Brand/Manufactured By: Bullard
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  • The Bullard Model S71 is a full-brim hard hat with the option of a pinlock or ratchet suspension which features a replaceable cotton brow pad. The suspension system has four points of attachment with four separate keys for a secure fit and 3/4” wide crown straps for comfort.

    Hat style helps protect against splash, glare and sun exposure, and features a permanent under-brim glare guard.

    Bullard S71 Hard Hats Include:

    • 4-point suspension
    • Cotton brow pads
    • ¾” wide seamless nylon crown straps
    • Front and rear vertical height adjustments

    Bullard S71 hard hats meet ANSI Z89.1 2014, Type 1, Class E & G safety standards. Made in the USA.

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